Testing the Prototypes

We finished the prototype of our first component, we named him Eich after the town of Eichstatt, Germany.  Here he is installed at the Granada Gallery in Tucson, Arizona for trial and observation.  The visitors gave us a very positive response. Under Eich is a slab of Solnhofen stone, the same stone formed in the Solnhofen lagoons where Archaeopteryx found its final resting place.


Break From Dinosaurs Take Flight

This week we took a break from producing DTF to install Hatching the Past: the Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt. This installation took us to the Gulf Coast Exploreum in Mobile, Alabama. A wonderful staff and great southern hospitality made the insulation fun, quick, and smooth. The exhibit will run till May 10 when we will return for more beignets. Yeah!!!

Check out Fox’s Mobile news reel.
HTP in the news, Mobile

Cut to the editing room

After a great interview with William Stout we returned to the office to start sifting through the raw footage.  There are innumerable clips and sound bites that will enhance the exhibit but, you only have three to five minutes to hold the viewer’s attention. That means that 116 minutes of footage land on the cutting room floor (aka. back-up hard drive). William’s rough cut is starting to come together nicely.

Case Prototype

This week was spent prototyping. We have a case design resembling a wing, subtly bringing dinosaurs to flight. Here Nic maps out the internal light box for the case.  The exhibit will house nine of these cases showing nine different archaeopteryxes and five counterparts.

Building the Catalog

The holidays are done and the family is retreating, it is time to get back work. With hundreds of photographs, 60+ pieces of artwork, numerous labels, wall panels, and section panels an exhibition catalog must be made. The catalog is a detailed list of all exhibit components and associated scientific content.

Getting Started

After a year of planning, designing, and organizing Silver Plume Exhibitions is moving forward with the construction of our exhibit Dinosaurs Take Flight: The Art of Archaeopteryx. Follow us on this journey at #LaunchingArchae Here it begins with the photographing, measuring, and cataloging of the collection. We have a wonderful line up including casts of Archaeopteryx, Compsognathus, pterosaurs, and real fossils representing the Solnhofen lagoons of the Jurassic.